Love Some Sweet Pecan Pie? Want To Know Where It Came From?

Love Some Sweet Pecan Pie? Want To Know Where It Came From?

NoRecipe_McCormick_475x257It’s hard to imagine the amount of food we eat, all these recipes come from somewhere right? Yes, it’s true. While the north is responsible for many lovely meals, they fall in comparison with the south. No one knows how to cook better then good ol-country people. Their home cooking can make anyone’s mouth melt. If you’d like to know which dishes the good-ol south is responsible for, please continue reading.

Love the spicy, meaty flavor of chilly? Who doesn’t? Want to know where this healthy, and yummy meal came from? Why, it was invented by cowboys who had to drive cattle up to the north for slaughter. They would need something to eat besides rice and beans, so they simply killed one of their cows, and made a soup with it. The tradition of putting beans is chilly was probably started because that’s one of the other foods they had with them.

images (4)Ever wonder why Pecan pie’s from the south? Many pecan trees grow naturally there. I’m from Texas, and a pecan tree’s growing tall, and huge right in my grandmother’s backyard. It’s a native tree, and it’s been there for over half a century. What’s a way to make nuts better? Why, adding cream and sugar! Oh, and don’t forget the crust!

picTqK2zMFried Chicken is a southern food as well. This is something that’s been given to us from the African American community. It’s a recipe that dates pre-civil war, an has been standing strong ever sense. The fried chicken seemed less messy, and easier to grab onto, not to mention,, way yummier. Who doesn’t like fried chicken?

Ice-tea is a beverage that’s almost exclusively served in the south. It’s a very popular drink here, want to know why? Most of the year, it’s way to hot to drink hot tea. We still want our caffeine, we just don’t want to make the sensation of heat any worse, so we throw ice in it. There’s sweet tea, which is very delicious, and there’s un-sweet, which is rich in flavor.

I hope you try a few of these delicious southern foods, and drinks. You can find recipes online, and of course, fried chicken can be bought anywhere in the country. Just find a local KFC. Ice tea’s probably the easiest to make, while pecan pie might take some skill. The most important thing? Have fun while cooking and baking!